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Being a Paralegal: A Sometimes Thankless Yet Rewarding Profession

While I was composing this blog piece, I counted how many years I have been working as a paralegal, and I couldn’t believe the number: 15! Wow, time flies fast! Throughout my career, a few attorneys have asked me why I had decided to get a paralegal degree. Why didn’t I go to law school? … Continue reading

The struggle for paralegals and lawyers in high profile cases

I think that the most frequent question that I´ve been asked during my tenure as a paralegal is: How do you handle the stress? I have worked on cases involving negligence, malpractice, racism and discrimination. Being a paralegal is often a 40+ hour a week job, and we often deal with the less than attractive … Continue reading

War crimes of today: War criminals who haven’t faced justice

On 30 May 2012 history was made. A former head of state, Charles Ghankay Taylor, was sentenced to fifty years in prison. This is the first time that a head of state has been convicted and sentenced for the crimes he has been accused of. For those of us that have worked at an international … Continue reading