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The Value of The Book Presentation

The Parallel World Window Display at ABC

I had a great blog post in mind, but had decided to shelve it because I have something more important to share. Last Saturday, I gave a book presentation at The American Book Center, also lovingly known as ABC, in The Hague. I haven’t talked much about it this week, which is crazy. However, I have thought about that day and how special it
was. It’s only my second book presentation, but I handled it differently. If I
compare the PR that I did for my book launch at Boekhandel Van Der Meer on 26
May 2012, with what I did for this last book presentation, then I can
definitely clearly state what I had done differently.  For my first book launch I sent out beautiful digital invitations to family and friends, I shouted it out to the world via
Facebook, Google+,  and Twitter. I mentioned it to people on the street. I asked a friend of the family to film the book launch, and I even played around with making a book trailer just days befor e the book launch occurred (needless to say that the book trailer is still on my to complete list). My initiative and PR worked with 50 people attending, a long book signing, and a beautifully finished film that will last forever on YouTube.

Now for the contrast with my second book presentation. You see, I didn’t do a lot of PR. Sure, I sent out a digital invitation to a few family and friends. I even tweeted it  a couple of times and placed the event on my Facebook page, but I didn’t go that extra mile with the PR. I surprised myself with my choice because I consider The American Book Center to be THE book store for expats and internationals in The Hague. I think that I had succumbed to the idea that many people would be on vacation. It’s July! People were leaving to visit their homelands or stretch out on the beach in the South of France or Greece. Who would be interested in sitting through a book presentation in the
middle of summer?

Well, I was pleasantly surprised. I arrived last Saturday afternoon at ABC, and walked past an etalage filled from ceiling to floor with only my book. I met up  with the fantastic duo, Agnes and Simone from ABC, and with a combined effort we set-up drinks and snacks. My book was placed on a stand for all to see, and personalized book covers and postcards were placed on the table. Voila! We were ready for who ever was going to show up. Now for the numbers: 27 people showed up (I won’t include the three elderly ladies that accidently joined the discussion. They were under the impression
that the lady who had her paintings on exhibition in the same room was there –
not me, but they respectfully and silently sat down and waited for me to
finish. Nice, huh?)

It was a wonderful book presentation. The audience sat in comfortable chairs. I lounged against a table. I talked a bit about myself, talked more about my book, gave a reading,
and then we had a round of questions, answers, and comments.  The presentation ended two and a half hours later after a book signing session full of talk and laughter. Do you want to know the best thing that occurred that day – there were people in the audience that I didn’t know. What does that mean? I’m making progress. My name and my beloved book are getting noticed outside of my inner circle. What do I need to
do now? Continue to build on this milestone.

The Parallel World Window Display After The Book Presentation



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