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The Spirit of The Olympics

I was enjoying the opening ceremonies for the Olympic games last Friday evening with my family, when a thought occurred to me. What makes people like me sit and watch a four hour opening ceremony centered around sports? I haven’t played a sport since
high school. I did actively watch college basketball back in high school and college, but haven’t watched a full game since I graduated from my first university. So, I’m back to my original question: why would I stay up until one-o’clock in the morning to watch the opening ceremony, especially when I was secretly longing to hug my pillow and curl up under my blanket? It came down to these key words:

  • Discipline
  • Determination
  • Endurance
  • Passion
  • Committment
  • Professionalism
  • Humility
  • Priorities

I’m drawn to the television to watch the olympians strive to achieve the impossible. I’m actually not only drawn, but I’m captivated and cheering my favorite player or team during the competitions. I’m disappointed when my favorite doesn’t achieve their dream of standing on the podium. I’ll even admit that I’m disappointed when they achieve silver or bronze. My competitive nature thrives during these games, and I’m also reminded
of what’s important in life. The most important lesson that these olympians can teach all of us, and I’m more appreciative and understanding of this lesson more than ever today, is that we can all follow their example.  If we map out our priorities, set practical goals, and remember the key words above, then we will be one step closer to achieving our dreams.



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