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Finding Inspiration

There are times, and quite often, that Ihave no idea of what to write. I promised myself that I would write a blog piece three times a week, but it’s a little difficult to fulfill that promise when I draw a blank on blog piece topics. Is it a lack of focus or a resistance … Continue reading

International Book Week

                                  “I know that it is a hard one, but believe me, it will be for the best in the end.” Join in the fun and follow the rules: Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 52, … Continue reading

Word of Mouth

      I had promised myself that I wouldn’t write anything remotely about the…wait a minute…this is difficult…the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy. However, since the low budget short movie, The Innocence of Muslims, has been discovered and gone viral on the internet I thought that I had to write a short piece. I … Continue reading

The Simple Story

Yesterday, I sat and watched To The Arctic. It’s an educational IMAX movie about the effects on global warming. The topic alone could have easily put me to sleep, but this simple story had it all. The story and images kept me captivated from beginning to end. The call to action, which was for everyone … Continue reading

Is The Book Review Dead?

It seems that placing the power of providing book reviews into the general public’s ands has its pros and cons. Lately, we’ve been reading more about the cons: authors  paying for good reviews, authors  writing a huge number of great reviews for their own books; and authors writing bad reviews for other author’s books. I’m … Continue reading

The Next Step

Tomorrow, I will take pen to paper and begin the editing process of the first part of my second novel. I can’t express how excited I am to be entering this stage of the writing process. My novel is far from complete. It’s actually in draft, very draft mode, but at least I can begin … Continue reading

The Lazy Indie Author?

A traditional author recently stated that self-published authors are lazy. Self-published authors, according to this traditional author, are too lazy to do the work in order to become traditionally published. I was pleased to read that this same traditional author, after an outcry from self-published authors, retracted her comments and now understands the hurdles that … Continue reading

Using Lemons to Make Lemonade

When I’ve talked to others about my novel, The Parallel World, one question always comes up: Is the main character based on my life? Actually, am I Alexandra Cayhill? I always answer in the negative. No, Alexandra is not me. Well, not completely. I don’t have a grandmother that helped to found a thriving law … Continue reading

4 Crime Shows that Fuel Writing Inspiration

My imagination can only go so far. However, with the advent of true crime television, I now have easy access to real life stories. Travel to the library to carry out research…no. Turn on the web to complete research…okay. Turn on the television to watch real people recount the most bizarre stories I’ve ever heard…YES! … Continue reading