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4 Crime Shows that Fuel Writing Inspiration

Justice by mindgutter on Flickr

My imagination can only go so far. However, with the advent of true crime television, I now have easy access to real life stories. Travel to the library to carry out research…no. Turn on the web to complete research…okay. Turn on the television to watch real people recount the most bizarre stories I’ve ever heard…YES!

Here are four shows, from the Investigation Discovery Network, that I use for inspiration (and possible book ideas) in my writing:

1.  Who The (Bleep) Did I Marry?

This show gives real meaning to the question, “Do you ever really completely know your better half?”

2.  Murder Shift

This reality series gives a backstage to the detective’s thought process and a “fly on the wall” feeling during witness and suspect interrogations.

3.  On the Case With Paula Zahn

This journalist profiles true crime stories. I love her interviewing style and the fact that she talks (or attempts) to all of the main characters involved in the case.

4.  True Crime with Aphrodite Jones

I love this true crime author’s show for the same reason.

Have television shows inspired your writing process? Let me know.




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