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Using Lemons to Make Lemonade

Lemon Splash by Lori Greig on Fotopedia

When I’ve talked to others about my novel, The Parallel World, one question always comes up: Is the main character based on my life? Actually, am I Alexandra Cayhill? I always answer in the negative. No, Alexandra is not me. Well, not completely. I don’t have a grandmother that helped to found a thriving law firm, and I’ve never had a boyfriend that turned out to be a spy; at least not that I know of.

However, to create the story in The Parallel World, I did infuse parts of my own character and likes into the story. I used lemons to make lemonade. Alexandra’s love of Starbuck’s coffee isn’t foreign to me. I’m actually a huge fan. Alexandra had to learn how to live and work in a foreign country. Yup, been there and done that.  Alexandra
is from Baltimore, a paralegal, and worked on an international criminal war case. Me too!

It makes me wonder how much of ourselves make it into the books that we write?




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