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The Lazy Indie Author?

Road In Winter, by Jean-Michel Baud

A traditional author recently stated that self-published authors are lazy. Self-published authors, according to this traditional author, are too lazy to do the work in order to become traditionally published. I was pleased to read that this same traditional
author, after an outcry from self-published authors, retracted her comments and
now understands the hurdles that self-published authors have to jump over to
achieve success. She understands that we not only have to craft a well written publishable book, but that we also handle every aspect of the process from creating the
idea to choosing an editor, creating the cover art for the book, creating the e-book
format and preparing the final copy of the hard back and soft cover to finally
handling all of the marketing and publicity platforms. It exhausts me when I
think of everything that needs to be done as a self-published author.

I understand the friction between the traditional and self-published camps. I understand that the old school traditional group may feel threatened or worry that a bunch of amateurs are polluting their territory. The self-published camp is a mixture of authors that have either been turned down by traditional publishing houses or had decided from the start that being self-published was the best option for them. Above all, going down
the self-publishing path is a choice. Why you may ask? Self-publishing puts control into the author’s hands, and it’s a great way for entrepreneurial authors to lead their own path to success. What is clear, at least to me, is that both routes, traditional and self-publishing, have their pros and cons. My only question is when will authors, publishers, and agents stop bickering and truly begin to restructure the publishing industry so that authors will be accepted regardless of which publishing path they choose?



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