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The Next Step

Tomorrow, I will take pen to paper and begin the editing process of the first part of my second novel. I can’t express how excited I am to be entering this stage of the writing
process. My novel is far from complete. It’s actually in draft, very draft mode, but at least I can begin to massage, manipulate, add, and delete words as well as sentences. I’ll also be able to, for the first time, read what I’ve written up to now. Will the story make sense? Are my characters “real” and “believable?” Is there a continuous flow from beginning to end? And, more importantly – is the story a fascinating page turner that readers will enjoy, and a novel that will make me proud?

Tomorrow, I will be one step closer to having a draft manuscript that can be handed out to my carefully picked focus group. But, I have to stop myself from getting too far ahead. My focus will remain on tomorrow when I can take that one step closer to completing my second novel.

The smile adorning my face couldn’t be any broader!



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