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The Simple Story

IJsberen op Spitsbergen, by Martha de Jong-Lantink

Yesterday, I sat and watched To The Arctic. It’s an educational IMAX movie about the effects on global warming. The topic alone could have easily put me to sleep, but this simple story had it all. The story and images kept me captivated from beginning to end. The call to action, which was for everyone to conserve energy and do our part in helping mother earth, would have had me emptying out my wallet if someone would have walked around at the end of the film with a donation bucket.

As a reader, I want the same experience. I want the scenes to jump off of the pages. I want to understand the characters and feel like they’re actually real. Does it have to be profound literature? Preferably, not. A good, easy read is all I need. As a writer, that is what I want to provide. I want to provide the same experience that I myself, as a
reader, demand in a book. A simple well constructed story is all it takes.



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