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Finding Inspiration

Tribute in Light, by Barry Yanowitz on Flickr

There are times, and quite often, that Ihave no idea of what to write. I promised myself that I would write a blog piece three times a week, but it’s a little difficult to fulfill that promise when I draw a blank on blog piece topics. Is it a lack of focus or a resistance
to share more of my inner thoughts and feelings? This is too deep of a subject to go into on a Friday, so I won’t. Hmm, saved for another day!

Instead, I want to talk about inspiration. In particular – the creation of a book idea. If you only like to write about happy people and happy endings, then I’m going to stop you right here. I can honestly tell you not to waste your time reading any further. However, if you write about the perils of life, survival, and are looking for a beautiful ending or a tumultuous finish for your story, then there’s more than enough happening around us today for inspiration.

I come across book ideas at the weirdest times during the day and evening – during a conversation with my daughter while driving to school or watching a movie for instance. Increasingly, possibly due to the economy, I’m getting book ideas from events happening too close to home with topics ranging from unemployment to life changes. Even though I have enough real life stories on hand to maintain a flourishing imagination, I know that I can always turn on the television for more content. Here are a few steadfast headliners that provide food for thought:

  • Unemployment
  • Civil wars and mass murder
  • Floods and Tsunami’s
  • Country elections
  • Nuclear bombs
  • Fatal diseases
  • Cybercrime

All of the above headliners could contribute to an overabundance of book ideas. A political or legal thriller? A mystery? What about a thriller focusing on cybercrime? So many ideas. Now, the hard part…writing the damn book!



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