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Writing Increases Knowledge

The Entrance to the World Wide Web (HDR), by jmtosses on Flickr

The Entrance to the World Wide Web (HDR), by jmtosses on Flickr

Writing is difficult. Sometimes, the words flow easily from pen to paper. That’s when I’m the most happy. Other times, writing can be like pulling teeth –and it hurts! When  I’m writing my novels, I’m trying to develop a believable and moving story. However, in order to do so, I need to understand the underlying  topics or key points that are running
throughout the story. Is the protagonist a homicide police detective? Is a character visiting a country that I’ve never visited? That’s when I need to delve into my research skills.  I love the fact that I’m actually broadening my knowledge and increasing brain cells when I’m writing. I use the internet a lot to research topics. A couple of months ago,  I found a useful website where I can take free online courses and learn things that I need to know if I want to write a worthwhile piece. It’s called I actually just finished listening to a couple of lectures. Isn’t the internet awesome?

These courses are helping me to trim down the time that I use on research because I’m learning from experts – for free!  As a bonus, I even obtain a certificate if I satisfactorily complete the course.  A win-win situation, if you ask me. So, take a look at Coursera. You may find it helpful too.




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