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Incorporating Reality Into Your Story

L'ora di studio, by Stefano Costanzo

Have you ever wanted to use events from your personal life in your own stories? Incorporate your friend or family member’s personality into one of your character’s? It’s a question that comes to my mind whenever something interesting occurs, which seems to happen on a daily basis. Ideas have popped into my head at the strangest times, such as during a conversation with a friend, listening to the radio or people watching.

In my quest to grow as a writer there are two types of characters that I would love to bring to life in a story or two. The first one involves a saucy colleague with multiple personalities (what I like to call the chameleon effect). The second character has the personality of Adrian Monk with a twist (if that can happen). These characters have been molded from my own personal experiences – bad and good. I don’t know how I’m
going to fit these characters into a story. Who knows – maybe they’ll be special
enough to become protagonists in their own right.

What I do know is that the people I converse with on a daily basis help to mold my imagination into a reality. A family member’s mannerisms, a quick chat with a stranger at the supermarket, or being a bystander watching a conversation between friends. Every single mode of communication can add fuel to my writing and help me to make my characters on paper come alive.

Although I have countless story ideas dancing around in my head, I am currently concentrating on making the characters in my next novel seem well…real. Watching the mannerisms of the people around me will get me one step closer. How do you deal with character development?




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