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How Can I Write A 3-Dimensional Sex Scene?

Togethr, by Luke Hayfield


Okay, I think that everyone understands where I’m going with this: How can a writer successfully make a sex scene believable or write a convincing romance scene? I wrote a few of these types of scenes in my first novel, The Parallel World, and I have to admit that I was uncomfortable. I was uncomfortable writing those scenes because:

  1.  I had never written a sex scene before;
  2.  I don’t read romance novels. So, I couldn’t learn from past readings; and
  3.  My family and friends were going to read what I had written. What would they think? How could I look at them without giggling or staring at the pavement in embarrassment?

Then I realized that I was a 38-year-old adult with two children (that I hadn’t adopted). So, I have some experience in the field, and have proof as well. It should be easy to write that sex scene. It should be a breeze…not! It’s difficult to achieve that balance between subtlety and effect when it comes to showing (not telling) romance or lust in a written work. I found a few helpful websites that clarify how such intricate scenes should be written, and wanted to share them with you. I know that I’ll be using their tips in my next novel.

Happy Reading and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Twenty Steps to Writing Great Love Scenes, by Karen Wiesner

How to Write a Kissing Scene in a Romance Novel, By Mariana Wilson

How to Write a Sex Scene: The 12-step program, by Steve Almond



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