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My Twitter Rant!


What? My new tweep has gone from following 24,000 people to just 20 and is now being followed by 24,000 people? My new tweep is no longer “new” because he or she has ditched me along with the others.

Have you ever had that experience?  I, in the true spirit of Twitter, try to follow everyone back. Well, I follow back as long as my new tweep isn’t a porn star who has followed me because they think that SEO actually means something else. Wait…maybe in their world it actually does have a different meaning. I also won’t follow back people that tweet weird or off the wall crazy things. If I hesitate with clicking the follow button, then I won’t make the click. I’m also cautious with following back the #teamfollowback people. I’m just not quite sure if their only goal is to achieve a large following, but I have followed them back in the hopes that they’re looking for more.

At least I know (think I know) where I stand with the #teamfollowback people. It wouldn’t shock me to find out that they’ve “unfollowed” me a day or two after I’ve followed them. What I don’t get are the people that need to feel like instant celebrities. These are the people that don’t mention #teamfollowback or state something like, “let me show you how to gain 1,000 followers instantly” in their profile. These are people with normal looking profile summaries. They are authors, businesses, and the neighbor next door. Twitter is supposed to be sociable; a place where we can share, learn new things, show our true selves (some people do that well on Twitter), and sometimes rant. When has it become a place for asocial gratification?

I know that there are Twitter users that don’t care whose following them back. I’ve even read an article by someone who said that they don’t even look at their follower stats. Well, I do and if you haven’t realized it yet – it annoys me when a person finds me, follows me, I follow them back, and then within the day (or two) they’ve unfollowed me along with a large number of others that they were following. I can’t prevent this type of thing from happening. I know that. However, I can and do combat it by using Qwitter. It’s a wonderful program that tracks my qwitters on Twitter. I’m not only able to unfollow the instant celebrities, but I also can see if I’ve missed following back someone that has finally given up on me. Thank you Twitter for providing this great service.

Now that I’ve solved my problem with the instant celebrities, I have to figure out how to deal with the impatient tweeps that unfollow me if I haven’t followed them back within 24 hours…or do I? Come on, tweeps! A 24 hour turn around period? Seriously? Can’t we just be sociable and reasonable? Or am I asking for too much?




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