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What Does It Really Mean To Be A Self-Published Author?

I’ve written a blog post or two about self-publishing and the tasks that indie authors have to deal with on a daily basis. A couple of days ago I came across Wordle. Now, I’ve seen Wordle creations before, but had no idea how people made them or what they were called. Now, I do and … Continue reading

Crowdfunding For Authors

Is crowdfunding the new piggy bank for self-published authors? Without the backing of a sponsor (i.e. a traditional publishing house) indie authors have to pay for editing, cover design, publishing, marketing and promoting their brand and books. The cost can run into the thousands and seeing how most of us are strapped for cash – … Continue reading

Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing: Do We Need To Have A Battle?

A lot of fuss and hoopla have been kicked up in the publishing world when it comes to self-publishing vs. traditional publishing. We’ve heard the pros and cons about both camps. I think that if we mesh together the pros and cons, then we can see that the two actually have some things in common. … Continue reading

Beautifully said…

Provide The Caption #1

Take a break from writing that novel! What comes to mind when you see this picture? What’s your unique caption? Write it in the comment field.

My Twitter Rant!

What? My new tweep has gone from following 24,000 people to just 20 and is now being followed by 24,000 people? My new tweep is no longer “new” because he or she has ditched me along with the others. Have you ever had that experience?  I, in the true spirit of Twitter, try to follow … Continue reading

David Baldacci: I worry people will suddenly realise I don’t know what the hell I’m doing

Great Interview – added fuel to my motivation to keep writing!

Different Kind of Shapes by Håkan Dahlström

Writer’s brain teaser – Inspirational photo #1

The Ratings Game! Just How Good Is That 5 Star Rating Anyway?

Last year, I wrote a mini blog post entitled, “Is The Book Review Dead?” And then – I forgot about it. I forgot about it until the other day when I was searching for an article writing gig on a freelance website, and came across a potential employer that was seeking to pay $5 for … Continue reading

What’s All The Fuss About Amazon?

Part of me feels as if I’ve been watching and waiting for an impending world book war: Amazon vs. The Others. Are we looking at a possible Armageddon? A colossal war that may not affect anyone else (too much) outside of the literary world? Or is it only a childish squabble?  I have been reading … Continue reading